Some gyms publish workouts to their athletes several days in advance to help their members plan their schedule. Up until now, SugarWOD would send mobile notifications about these upcoming workouts on this advanced date, potentially causing confusion.

Going forward, if a gym publishes workouts more than 1 day in advance, SugarWOD will send the mobile notification just one day in advance, at the time selected in the gym’s publishing settings.

Gyms that publish 1 day in advance (i.e. “the night before”) will not be affected.

For example, a gym sets their publishing option to be "7 days in advance at 8pm". A workout scheduled for Saturday Dec 29 will be published to athletes and become visible in the app on Saturday Dec 22 at 8pm. The mobile notification for this workout will go out on Friday Dec 28 at 8pm.

This change is automatic, gyms do not need to do anything to their existing workouts. This change will gradually take effect over the next several days.