Featured image for Athlete Notes

In addition to the Coaches Notes feature, coaches can now add Athlete Notes to workouts!

Any workout you program for the Whiteboard now has two fields that can contain notes: Coaches and Athletes. Just like coaches notes, only those who have access to the workout can see the notes, and they can be formatted with markdown. If you don’t add Athlete Notes to the workout, the link won’t appear.

This feature can be useful for individual or remote training, and can help tidy up the Whiteboard. For example, rather than including long paragraphs and scaling options with the Workout description, these can be moved into the Athlete Notes to free up space on the Whiteboard!

If you are already using the coaches notes feature, there is probably some information that would be great to put in front of your athletes! This could be the intended stimulus of the workout, links to videos, etc. We encourage you to share some of these things with your athletes!

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